All About Anza!

One of my first stops in California was exploring the Anza-Borrego Springs Area. Inside the Anza-Borrego State Park, there is over 600,000 acres to explore. The surround areas don't disappoint either.

This blog is FULL of never-before-seen pictures and tons of information to help you plan your trip to Anza. From hundreds of giant metal structures to hiking in the badlands to Jeeping through washes, this guide covers everything you need to know.

Hiking Through A Slot Canyon

There are tons of slot canyons throughout the Southwest. One of the most well known in Antelope Canyon, but they are actually scattered all over Arizona, California, and Utah especially.

This hike wasn't too long or strenuous, and it is quite incredible to see for yourself. Be sure to sign up for alerts to check for flash flood warnings before entering any slot canyon.

Rain water from a storm can be carried miles and miles away resulting in a flood in a matter of minutes or even seconds! You don't want to be in a canyon when water is rushing through it. Flash floods can come crashing in 12 feet high.

Flash floods kill more people each year than hurricanes, lightening or tornados. If you see storm clouds or hear water, find higher ground and exit the canyon immediately. It's never worth the risk! Just keep in mind a flash flood can happen any time of year. Keep an extra eye out June/July through September/October.

If slot canyons aren't your thing, don't worry. There is a lot of hiking you can do here in the Anza area. Be sure to bring extra water on your hike and let someone know where you went in case you get lost, especially if you're hiking on your own.

The desert is full of wildlife. You may even stumble upon bighorn sheep, snakes, coyotes, lizards, jackrabbits, and other wildlife during your hike depending on the time of year. Remember to give these creatures their space! (Your zoom lens will do just fine).


Another popular thing to do in the Southwest is offroad through washes during the dry months. For some washes, this is a seasonal activity that's avoided in the wetter months.

There's plenty of offroading in the park. Whether you're looking to hit washes, trails or even rip around the infamous Ocotillo Wells, you are sure to find what you're looking for.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA has tons of cool trails for people of all experience levels. It's one of the top offroading places in SoCal (let's not forget about Big Bear!). According to this some, it's the offroad capital of the world.

Jeeping through the washes in Anza was so much fun! These are pretty popular spots here in SoCal. I saw a ton of Jeeps, and got so many comments of excited Jeepers when I posted these pictures on Instagram. Who knew people knew these rock formations so well? 😂