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Visiting The Olympic Peninsula

During my time in Washington, I had to visit the Olympic Peninsula. A good chunk of this area is the Olympic National Park. This park is massive and very diverse in nature. I had the pleasure of taking a week to drive around the Peninsula and explore the rainforest, beaches and woods!

I've hit almost every mile of Route 1 and Highway 101, all the way down the west coast of California, Oregon and Washington. The 101 loops around the Olympic Peninsula surrounding Olympic National Park, so I decided to see what I could find! While exploring the northern half of the 101, I had to hit some beaches and soak up the last of the summer rays before fall officially hit the Pacific Northwest.

I went to a few beaches along the coast during my trip... all very different in scenery and weather. Tons of trees wash up on shore, so you can find kids building forts and playing all up and down the coast. The beaches looked completely different than any beach I had seen before. See for yourself:

On this road trip, we spent most of the nights camping in the Hoh Rainforest. Our campsite was right on the water and underneath tons of mossy trees. Read more about my camping trip here.

The Pacific Northwest is home to many massive trees. Driving down the 101, I stumbled upon this ginormous cedar tree! I've seen redwoods, firs, spruce trees and cedars all hundreds of feet tall and wider than most civilian vehicles!

I went through all kinds of landscapes, from the beach to the mountains (in a skirt 😂), I explored it all! I even hiked through a cloud!

I spent my last night in Port Angeles right near the harbor. This was a gorgeous sunset spot! It was cool seeing hundreds of boats all docked in the same place. That's not something I get to see everyday!

To live it up the last night on the Olympic Peninsula, I went to 7 Cedars casino for some gambling and fun! This is a great spot to check out and the decor is so cool! I love this theme:

Digging my road trip? Check out more pictures below:

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