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Camping in the Rainforest

During my time in Washington, I drove all around the Olympic Peninsula and even camped at the rainforest for a few days! I parked my Jeep under the treetop canopy and set up the tent right next to the river. It was super peaceful! At night, you could see so many stars - even the milky way! It was wild.

Here are some pictures from the campsite:

I hit some awesome trails (on foot) and the views were quite impressive! There was moss growing everywhere and the water was super clear (something you'll see throughout the Pacific Northwest). Life is thriiiving in the rainforest and the trees will make you question if you're still on earth! It is so amazing to see.

The Hoh Rainforest can get 14 feet of rainfall in a year. Here you will find giant trees - some over 300 feet tall! The most common trees you will find here are firs, cedars, spruce trees and the Western Hemlock, which is Washington's State Tree. These giants are so humbling to walk amongst.

Check out more pictures from the Rainforest below:

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