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Exploring the Redwoods

California here we come! Seeing the Redwoods in real life was like being on another planet. All of the trees were taller than the eye could see and much wider than my Jeep! I had grown up reading about the Redwoods and had always wanted to visit one day. I know 7-year-old Catie would be proud of me driving through the Redwoods in my blue Jeep Wrangler with the top off.

It was so surreal to be surrounded by these massive trees. If only they could talk... The cool thing about where I was this time in the Redwoods is that the silence was deafening. You could hear every footstep. The only thing that really broke the silence was some birds chirping.

Naturally I found some dirt roads to take the Jeep on through the Redwoods. I mean, what better way to explore right? I only spent a couple days here but I could have stayed for months. There's really nothing like it. Visiting the Redwoods is a bucket list item for sure! I will never forget this trip.

Just to put it in perspective, the Redwoods have been around for over 240 million years (right after the dinosaurs roamed the earth). While there are still Redwoods standing that have been around more than 2,000 years, the ones we most often see are only 50-150 years old!!! These giant trees we're so impressed with are just babies. WOW.

While heading down the Oregon Coast, we decided to take a spontaneous trip into the Redwoods and I am so glad we did! Some of my favorite adventures are totally unplanned. Loving my trip too? Check out more pictures below:

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