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The Breaking Bad Tour

If you're familiar with the hit series, Breaking Bad, then you know all about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Each time I pass through Albuquerque, New Mexico, I can't help but think about the show. I make a point of stopping by to see a new film location each time I'm in the area. Here are a few of my favorite Breaking Bad spots you can visit in real life.

Walter White's House

First up on the list is Walter White's house! This major filming location is actually someone's home they offered up for the show. Little did they know, this series was going to be a major hit. Since the premiere, hundreds of fans have come to see Walt's house for themselves. The two pictures above were taken a few years apart, both of Heisenberg's house, but with a few changes made.

If you go to visit the house in real life, please be respectful of the homeowner's privacy. Although it's funny that Bryan Cranston threw the pizza on the roof in the show, the current homeowners had to put up a fence and changed their roof because people kept throwing pizzas up there! Lucky for them, now that the heat of the show has died down since the finale, it's not as chaotic on the home front.

Jesse Pinkman's Houses

One of the most memorable characters on the show is easily Jesse Pinkman, yo. He lives in a few different places throughout the series, including the duplex in the picture above. You may recognize this building as Jesse and Jane's apartments. But we all know how that panned out.....

This other house in the picture above is the one Jesse ends up buying from his parents after slyly tricking them. The house is also featured in the very beginning of the series when Jesse accidentally melts the floor after filling the bathtub with acid trying to dispose of a body. Again, we remember how that plan went!

Hank and Marie's House

The brother-in-law of the one who knocks actually lives right down the street from him! Not too far away from Heisenberg's residence is Hank and Marie's house. They live in a beautiful house in an absolutely gorgeous neighborhood in the foothills! I'd love to move in. 😂

The A-1 Car Wash

I also had to check out one of the other key places in the series: the car wash. Not only did Walt work here for awhile, but he eventually owned it and laundered his money through it. Today it is still very much a functioning car wash, just under different management.

You can also visit a number of other places they filmed throughout the city like the restaurant they staged as Los Pollos Hermanos, Saul's office, and more. You can even pick up some of the blue candy that was used as a prop in the show! I always have a blast finding these easter eggs scattered throughout Albuquerque.

Another thing Albuquerque is famous for is hot air balloons. During a week in October, there is a massive festival held where you can spot hundreds of balloons all across the sky. Talk about magical! While you're in town during any time of year, be sure to stop by and grab some amazing food at the local restaurants. On your way out, take a trip down the musical highway for some fun! As you drive over a series of strategically placed rumble strips at exactly 45 miles per hour, you will hear America The Beautiful play! Check out the video below to hear for yourself:

Thanks for checking out my blog! There are so many fun things to do in Albuquerque that I highly recommend staying a few days at least to really explore the area. I hope my fellow Breaking Bad fans enjoyed this as much as I did :)


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