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Offroading at Big Bear

One of my favorite places to offroad in Southern California is Big Bear Lake. I met up with some awesome Jeepers and hit some cool trails, including one of the Badge of Honor trails.

Gold Mountain has a 6-9 rating with some fun obstacles to crawl over and the views are stunning!!! I had a great time hitting the trails with Will, Kaylie and Steve, and am so thankful for them capturing these awesome pictures for me and showing me around Big Bear!

Another fun trail we tackled was the Squeeze. It wasn't as difficult as Gold Mountain but it I loved the split rock you have to "squeeze" through. You can see in the pictures above and below how tight it is. I was really thankful to have Will guiding me through!

Big Bear offers Jeepers a chance to earn a few Badges of Honor. Aside from the Gold Mountain trail, you can also try out the John Bull and Holcomb Creek trails to rack up your Badges of Honor.

After a fun day of hitting the trails, you can head into town and take your pick of some awesome restaurants and breweries. Big Bear has a ton of fun activities to do year-round. During the warmer season, you can offroad, hike, hit the lake or enjoy your time in this unique town.

Once the weather cools down, the party doesn't stop! If you time it right, head up to Jeep at Big Bear during Oktoberfest in the fall for some fun. The mountains are covered in beautiful autumn colors and it's the perfect time to visit the area weather-wise. In the winter, hit the slopes at the ski resort or do some snow Jeeping if that's more your speed.

If you're a major nature lover like me, Big Bear is the spot. Whether you're having fun on the lake, hiking through the trees, or catching up with friends in town, you'll find all the fun activities a mountain town has to offer. The surrounding areas of Big Bear Lake are absolutely stunning as you drive in as well. I love driving through the mountains and the trip to get to Big Bear is awesome.

Big Bear Lake is a great place for a day trip or to spend the weekend escaping into nature. Have a fun time Jeeping, camping, or whatever other fun outdoor activities you have planned. No matter what time of year it is, Big Bear is a great place to be.


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