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My Roadtrip to Canada!

This Jeepher is roadtripping her way around the USA and hitting parts of Canada too! This blog post is dedicated to a few of my trips to Squamish. 😄🇨🇦

Squamish, British Columbia (BC) is known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada for a reason. I went rock climbing, hiking and offroading.

There is sooo much to do here if you love the great outdoors. Squamish is also a great place for kiteboarding, downhilling (mountain biking), motorsports, and sooooo much more.

As soon as I arrived, I found some good off-roading spots to hit. My favorite ended up being a logging road. It was a fun way to the top with some help navigating the trail here and there.

The cool thing about Squamish is there are a ton of roads just like this. A few others brought me to some amazing mountaintop views!

Next up on my Squampton to-do list was rock climbing. We hit up a few places and got some gnarly climbs in. I focused on challenging myself and pushing myself more, especially over the edge to rappel down so my fear of heights wouldn't get the best of me! 😂

The biggest takeaway was that I climbed my first 5.9!!! If you don't know what a 5.9 is, click here to see an easy guide of how REI breaks down the different difficulty levels.

One of my favorite memories from this trip was hiking to the top of the Chief. The Stawamus Chief Mountain is over 2,000 feet up. Yes, ya girl hiked 2,000 feet up for THIS view:

And yes, every step was worth it. This was not your average hike mind you. It is unpaved, starting off with dozens of flights of stairs to climb and then the real hike begins.

It can be a strenuous hike, but it is absolutely worth it. In the picture above, I'm about half way up the mountain. You need lots of water and the proper attire for sure. If you are physically able, I highly recommend this hike!

Like Oregon, BC is filled with waterfalls. One of the most impressive I saw was Shannon Falls. This massive waterfall spills water from ~1,100 feet up! It is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia.

The road that brings you into Squamish is worth noting as well. The Sea To Sky Highway (Highway 99) is a spectacular view. You drive right on the edge of the coast next to the ocean with gorgeous rolling mountains all around you. Roadtripping down the 99 is absolutely beautiful any time of year.

Also on this highway worth noting is the Sea to Sky gondola. It takes you up higher than the Chief to see breathtaking views overlooking the water and mountains. It is a must-see in the Squamish area.

When I visited for NYE, a few friends and I power-toured through the trails at the top and caught some awesome sunset views! It had also snowed, which is super rare for this area.

A few shows like Altered Carbon have even filmed in this location on this exact bridge. We went up late so we got to see it light up at night. So cool!

If you keep driving north past Squamish, you'll come upon a very famous ski town - Whistler. Tons of professional snowboarders and skiers come to Whistler Blackcomb from all over the world to hit the mountains at one of the largest ski resorts in North America. This town is full of awesome summer and winter sports and tons of great food, bars, and people.

It doesn't normally snow in Squamish, but I happened to get caught there in a snowstorm. Seeing the Spit covered in snow was pretty cool too. This is one of the best kiting spots in the world. This is also where freshwater meets saltwater, which is pretty unique!

I've been in the BC area a few times now and there is always something new to see. I am so glad we decided to stay longer and really get to enjoy the area. Now I can finally cross off driving my Jeep through an international border!

Scroll down for more pictures and videos from my trip. Thanks for reading!


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