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Meet Kiki the Jeep Kitten!

About a month ago, I headed out on my first big road trip since COVID hit. On our first pit stop to take a break and switch drivers, we decided to hop out and stretch our legs. As we chatted about the rest of the journey, we heard a faint "meow." I walked over to the bushes and reached out my hand and a kitten ran right to me!

She approached me cautiously and I quickly gained her trust. It wasn't hard to tell she was in distress and needed help. I started calling every local rescue and shelter in a 75 mile radius. As I was talking with rep after rep, the kitten followed me as I paced around the Jeep talking on the phone. I guess she wanted to stay close to me.

I had pulled the Jeep over on the side of a busy highway and the surroundings were no place for a kitten. With no openings at shelters for yet another stray and no reports of a lost kitten, I decided to take on the responsibility and adopt her. I scooped her up in my arms and climbed into the Jeep and she sat comfortably on my lap for hours! Now she can't wait for her Jeep rides. She absolutely loves looking out the big back windows of my 2 door Wrangler.

A month has passed since she walked into my life and she still hasn't left my side! I can't wait to see her grow up over the upcoming years 😻 Welcome to the Mean Mafia, little Kiki! Her two favorite things are riding in the Jeep and exploring the great outdoors with me. She's so good that she doesn't even need a leash! I let her roam freely and she follows me around like my little shadow.

This curious kitten is so cuddly and has the sweetest nature. You can expect to see her come along on many of my upcoming trips. Yep, you got that right - I'm now the cat lady everyone fears they will turn into 😂 She thrives going on new adventures, just like me! As someone who needs to travel to feel happy and free, I can't deny her the opportunity to explore the world with me. So I will be "that chick" walking my cat on trails LOL.

I didn't plan on adopting any pets just yet since I travel around so much, but this little lady rescued me in a way. The COVID era hit me hard and I have struggled mentally throughout it. Kiki has been a blessing in disguise. She brings me so much joy and gives me a reason to get out of bed again. After a rough start to 2020, Kiki has given me so much to look forward to. Sometimes things just happen the way they are meant to, not necessarily how you plan.

After just a month with this cutie, I can't imagine traveling without her. I actually just hit my 3 year anniversary road tripping around North America, and Kiki was the best surprise I could ask for. Although my plans have altered to now include Kiki, I wouldn't have it any other way. Be ready to see how far this little kitten travels over the next few years. It's gonna be a wild ride.

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