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Hanging Out At The DC Auto Show

I was in my element this past weekend as I roamed the 2020 Washington DC Auto Show. You may ask... weren't you just in Florida? The answer is hilariously, yes. This new year is going to be filled with a ton of traveling for me as I bounce all around the East Coast and Midwest. For now, I'm exploring the Nation's capital and loving every second of it not spent in traffic! 😂

The DC Auto Show features more than 600 models from over 30 manufacturers across three levels of the Walter E. White Convention Center. It is one of the world's largest automobile displays. Unlike many auto shows across the USA, the one held in DC lasts 10 whole days, as opposed to just one weekend. Here you can find Jeeps, luxury cars, trucks, classic cars, and all the new vehicles available this year.

The Jeeps

Jeep was alllll over the event. They had something on each floor! Camp Jeep was on the first floor where you can test drive the different Jeep models over various offroading obstacles. It was so awesome watching new Jeepers get behind the wheel for the first time. Some were super excited, while others were visibly concerned tackling some of the obstacles.

On the second floor you could find the main Jeep booth where you can see all the new JLs and of course, the Gladiators! Everyone was so excited to see the new trucks, myself included. They are built with a stronger frame that's over 30 inches longer with a wheelbase increased by roughly 20 inches. The 5 foot bed can transport up to 1,600 pounds and has a towing capacity of 7,650 pounds. The really cool thing about the new Gladiators is that they are available with a V-6 turbo-diesel option with 260 horsepower or a V-6 putting out 285 horsepower.

Last but not least, on the third floor where all the luxury vehicles were, you could find the built out Jeep in the pictures above and below. I absolutely love the exterior skull design and I'm always happy to see quality parts put on a Jeep. After all, they deserve the best! The bonus is that this Jeep was a part of the Art-in-Motion display, hence it's eye-catching appearance.

The Trucks

One thing I was really excited to check out on the new trucks are all the different tailgates. Now there are all these crazy folding steps and 8-way tailgates that are insane! It was cool to see how they work. My only question left is how well they will hold up over time... Regardless of the new technology available, I loved watching all the kids having fun jumping around in the beds of the trucks. If trucks aren't for kids, what are they for anyway???

The Luxury Cars

The Auto Show in DC never fails to show off some of the most fancy cars the area has to offer. The top level was reserved for the best of the best. Every car was customized and the classic models were jaw dropping. Many of the owners boasted unique exterior decor and accessories, really making them stand out from the crowd. The design of the Supra behind me in the picture above was inspired by Kobe Bryant. This work of art was done right here at the show, but I'll share more about that later.

This pink Beamer sums it all up. It looks like a car Barbie herself would drive! From the pink heart wheels to the baby pink wrap, you know this BMW consistently turns heads as it speeds down the road.

The Fast Cars

For those of you who have the need for speed, don't worry, The DC Auto Show delivered. You could find a variety of some of the fastest cars available. One of the most popular cars was the new Corvette. The Stingray was the talk of the town, but are you surprised? I mean look at that color! 😍

Between the fierce blue, the incredible power, and that sleek design, it's hard to have anything negative to say about the new Corvette Stingray, dubbed the L2, aside from the price that is. I always loved whipping my dad's Corvette around in my teens, so you know I'd love to get behind the wheel of that beast now! The L2 can easily hit 495 horsepower, and go zero to 60 in under 3 seconds. You can see why the Corvette is one of the finalists for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Award.

The Classic Cars

You can't have a car show without the classics. I had a blast checking out the old Mustangs in particular. The car above was owned by a former Playboy Bunny and was even featured in a spread. You can imagine how excited people were to see this car!

The Auto Show featured a variety of classic cars from many different decades and a variety of different manufacturers. As cool as the new cars are, there's something special about the restored cars of the past.

The first floor featured over three rows of these incredible powerhouses. Although I was disappointed some of my favorite builds were roped off, I totally understand not wanting grimy hands touching such a work of art. If I owned one of these amazing cars, I would be as protective over it as I am my Jeep!

The Show Stoppers

Every good auto show has a few stand out builds. Although an eye-catching paint job or a cool vinyl wrap can make or break your opinion, there's a lot to be said about the vehicle underneath it all. All glitter aside, one of the most gnarly vehicles at the show happened to be the military vehicles in my opinion. I have always been fascinated by them and to see some of these beasts up close was totally awesome! Not to mention, those big ol' tires are goals!!!

Also on the first level are a few different obstacle courses where drivers can show off their skills as they work their way through the course. If you're in the market for a new ride, attendees can also test drive various cars on the streets to help you figure out the right vehicle for you. This level also showed off all the classic cars and a few other luxury and exotic vehicles.

The second level of the convention center featured some vehicles that made you forget what year it was! These weird looking "cars" are actually concept cars. It's always a highlight of the auto show to see the crazy futuristic vehicles people have dreamed up, but tbh I'm still waiting on my flying Jeep!

The third and final level that featured the exotic and luxury vehicles also had a few cars and SUVs that were handpainted by local artists right here at the auto show in DC. This cool event was called the Art-In-Motion exhibit. Definitely a fun surprise to find them back at the show.

The Supra I showed off earlier in this blog post and at the beginning of this "Show Stopper" section was designed in honor of the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, who recently died in a helicopter crash which shocked the entire world. I was one of the lucky people who got to see Kobe play a few years back and I've always been a fan of his positive, hardworking personality. The artist, Shawn Perkins, did a fantastic job creating this moving piece.

The DC Auto Show is a ton of fun if you love cars and enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends. If you're shopping around for a new whip, I highly suggest attending one of these shows to compare the different brands side to side. The DC Auto Show also featured free meet and greets with local athletes like Juan Soto (Nationals), Nick Jensen (Capitals), Isiah Thomas (Wizards), and Derris Guice (Redskins). If you loved this post, be sure to keep an eye out for an auto show coming your way!


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