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Check out these cool the ground!

Located in Amarillo, Texas right off the side of the highway is this crazy art exhibit known as Cadillac Ranch! This cool place was created all the way back in 1974 when ten Cadillacs were placed nose down into the ground.

These classic cars date back to 1948-1963, chosen to represent the Golden Age of the American automobile. What started out as a tribute to the cars of the past (and a fun way to shake up the town), is now a place for people of all ages to enjoy some art fun.

The original exhibit showed off the evolution of the tail fin. Although you can still see the shape of the fins, you can't see many other details on the cars because there are so many layers of paint. However the amount of layers added to these cars over the years is fascinating in itself.

Visitors can come and tag the cars, as long as you clean up your spray paint cans and supplies afterwards - and please clean up after yourselves btw... we're all adults here.

In the picture above, you can see layer after layer of memories painted on each car over the years. You can even see where the paint dried dripping down on the wheels of the cars.

This roadside attraction stands along the side of Route 66 (and Highway 40 in more modern times). You'll likely see other tourists stop along the side of the road and admire this quirky attraction. I met quite a few nice people when I stopped...some from Utah and others all the way from Canada!

No matter where you're coming from or where you're going, if you pass through Amarillo, be sure to stop at the infamous Cadillac Ranch, you won't regret it!


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