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Beautiful San Bernardino Forest

Looking for an escape from city life in SoCal? Head up to the San Bernardino Forest for some fresh air and gorgeous mountain scenery. This is a popular spot in the summer since it is much cooler high up in the mountains than the hot desert air below.

As you drive through the forest, there are lots of overlooks and roads to turn down and explore. Despite the desert landscape below, up in the mountains you'll find tons of trees and greenery. You probably won't have much cell service here so plan ahead.

One of the craziest things I found up here are foot long pinecones! Coulter pinecones are the largest and heaviest in the world. These massive pinecones are nicknamed widow makers for a reason!

We heard a few of these gigantic pinecones fall while we were hiking and it sounded like a large person falling to the ground. Keep your eyes on the skies around these trees!

You can find plenty of places to hike in the San Bernardino Forest. You can hike up to the San Jacinto Peak or even go on the infamous Pacific Crest Trail. I hear this is also a beautiful area to hike in the fall when the leaves change.

A super cool spot to hang out at is Idyllwild. This is a popular hub for backpackers. In this small town, you can find shopping, dining, lodging and events almost every weekend. Idyllwild is a very artsy town, so you can find galleries and art scattered across this charming place.

If you're looking to do some good Jeeping, the San Bernardino Forest is a great spot. There are tons of trails to go down. You can also head over to Santa Rosa Mountain to Jeep too.

Going up and down the mountain I saw countless Jeeps. What seemed like an off-beat attraction quickly revealed itself as a major hotspot in SoCal.

If you love to fish, there is a lake, and plenty of streams and reservoirs filled with trout, bass, catfish and bluegill. While there are quite a few lakes around, including Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, and Lake Hemet, there are many places to cool off and relax during the hotter months.

The San Bernardino Forest is massive. There are tons of activities in any season. Between watersports in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter, this place has endless possibilities for everyone.

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