Exploring The Florida Keys

I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Florida Keys. We drove down through all the Keys, all the way to Key West and the Southernmost Point of the Continental USA!

Key West

This place is 100% a tourist trap, but if you love browsing local art and gift shops, posing for cheesy pictures (like I do), and good food and drinks, this is the place for you. Disclaimer: Key West is suppperrrr commercial. For whatever reason I wasn’t expecting that (😂) but I still had a blast!

Southernmost Point

The first place we went was the farthest point south in the Continental USA, and only 90 miles from Cuba! The Southernmost Point almost always has a long line for pictures because it is one of the most popular photo ops in Key West.

The Smallest Bar

Whether you drink or not, this is the place to stop and hang out. This bar is about the size my dorm room was 😂 (but actually lol). This tiny bar is always filled (since there’s only about 4 chairs and room for 10 people max). You have to talk to people because of the close quarters and you can meet some really awesome people! We had a great time chatting with everyone at the Smallest Bar and will definitely be back!

Key West Lighthouse

Another fun place to stop for people of all ages is the Key West lighthouse. You can even go all the way up to the top and check out a stellar view. Don’t miss the trees coming in! These unique trees are a must see in themselves. I've never seen trees that "grow into each other" before:

Jeep Trains!

Being the Jeep Girl that I am, I was super excited to see the tourist trains that go around the blocks are actually Jeeps in disguise!!! Not a bad look for a Jeep!

If you want to get away from all the craziness, head up to one of the northern Keys for boating, fishing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking and so much more!

Big Pine Key

If you’re looking for the true Florida experience, head to Blue Hole in the Big Pine Key. Here I saw two alligators right up close! This area is also a refuge for Key Deer. These endangered deer look like white-tailed deer but are much smaller, kind of the size of fawns!

Seven Mile Bridge