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Livin it up on the San Juan Islands

To end my time in the Pacific Northwest, I took a ferry to the San Juan Islands. It was breathtaking. I visited a few of the islands during my adventures there.

Each island I visited was unique in its own way. The main island (San Juan Island) has all your restaurants, shops and awesome nature spots. The Orcas Island on the other hand was colder and much more windy. There also isn't as many options for hotels, restaurants or gas on this island, so plan your trip accordingly.

Also good to know - depending on your phone plan, you'll want to put it in airplane mode on the ferry and some areas of the islands to avoid international charges! .....I definitely misjudged that so I hope y'all appreciated those pricy Instagram posts 😂

Check out my pictures from the San Juan Islands...I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

More adventures coming soon :D

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