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Visiting Ice Caves in August!

The Pacific Northwest has it all. Here you can even find snow in the summer! I stumbled across something quite cool. Not too far out from Seattle are the notorious ice caves. These caves form during the spring as the snow melts away.

In the picture above you can see the different seasons - summer AND winter! I actually saw an avalanche in the ice cave to the left of me in this picture. It literally sounded like thunder. It was crazy. Everyone was looking around terrified. A quick reminder that nature is unpredictable and it will ALWAYS beat humans.

It is important to remember that was summertime when I visited - the middle of August in fact. That means the snow and ice are going to melt, and avalanches or sudden cave ins can occur. If you visit the Big Four Ice Caves, DO NOT go near or into the caves (like the people in this video!). It is very dangerous and there have been multiple deaths. Please be careful and remember to admire these wonders at a distance. That being said, when you visit, have a great time and stay safe!

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