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First Jeep Mod: Running Boards

Me installing my running boards

When I bought my Wrangler (Bella) in 2017 I was so excited to start building. The first thing I put on her were new Mopar Running Boards. I love the look of these.

The install on these babies is supppperrrrr easy. If you can crawl under your Wrangler, you can install these. They're not to heavy, and they bolt right into the factory holes on the JK. No drilling needed. You can put the running boards on both sides in about an hour.

Check out the video below to see how install the Mopar Running Boards for the JK or to learn more:

This style of running boards fits the JK (2 door) 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers. The color perfectly matches the stock flares and matte black accent colors on the Jeep. There are a ton of different kinds of running boards, so do your homework and see what kind of running boards will be the perfect look for your Wrangler. If you have questions or want advice, feel free to hit me up!

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